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About Calidad Infotech

We’re a one-stop solution for all your Software Testing and On-demand Cloud and DevOps Services.
With almost a decade of experience in the industry, we help clients transform their QA processes that dramatically reduce production level defects.
We specialise in improving QA cycle times up to 75% as well as lowering QA costs up to 50%.

What we value

In the Quality Assurance Business, making sure your product gets end-to-end tested and delivered to your users is always the primary focus for us. To provide our clients with the most efficient solutions, we strive to not only be cost effective, but also innovative in our solutions.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to make a mark on the QA world for which we use a dynamic growth approach. Being up-to-date with constantly changing technology and swiftly adapting to the new age ways is our core mission.

Quality Assurance Services

Let us help you upscale your product’s performance and give exactly what your customers want!

Founder's motto

With over 8 years of experience in the Software Industry working on large scale projects, Samay came across certain gaps and hurdles in the processes that led to major business failures.
Realising the need to solve these problems, he decided to build and lead an organisation that aligns with the same thought.
Samay currently leads the Head of Operations at Calidad Infotech along with handling the technical teams associated with Quality Assurance and Cloud Services.

Samay Thakkar

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