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Automation Testing That Accelerates Speed and Performance

Automation in software technologies is the key to the future! With our QA automation testing services, you can make sure you secure your business from the uncertainty of the rapid rise in newer technologies in the future. Our automation testing services ensure:
The usability and smooth functioning of your software regardless of the mobile or desktop platform it runs upon
The errors are located timely and accurately so the remedies can be precise and quick
All potential bottlenecks are pin-pointed well within time through fresh iteration of codes

Our Automated Testing Service Process

Our step-by-step approach.
calidad process
Test Tool Selection
Automation does not go well with a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We select the most appropriate professional tool from our arsenal of test tools to bring out the best test results.
Deciding the Scope
After a detailed discussion with your representatives on the requirements, approach and expected outcomes, we narrow the scope of automation testing.
Planning, Design and Development
The next step in the process is planning the automation and designing a process framework before developing the field of testing. This is done by keeping your software and product in mind.
Test Execution
This is where the rubber meets the road! Our tools perform comprehensive tests that figure the blockages and report results back to our labs. When we know the issues, we can suggest the best workarounds.
Maintenance Phase
Keeping a steady pace for your technology automation so you can expect steadfast performance despite any variables.

Tools we utilise

Platforms we serve

Why Trust Calidad As Your Automation Testing Services Partner?

When it comes to automation testing and quality assurance, repetition alone cannot get you the best results. We rank amongst the top automation testing companies globally not just because our team of experts run hundreds of tests every day. Our secret to success lies in a balance of intuition, skill and foresightedness that comes with a vast experience.
Potent Solutions
With us, there are no standard solutions to your unique problems. Our test automation services are custom-made to cater for your individual requirements and solve specific problems for your business processes.
Ever-Evolving Approach
Our software automation testing services do not rely on the traditional approach – we upgrade our codes as your business and product evolve. Get up-to-date insights and solutions with continuously improving automation testing.
Comprehensive Coverage
We are an automated software testing company that leaves no stone unturned for our clients. Our team gathers in-depth data and provides end-to-end solutions based on hard evidence.
Precise Monitoring & Reporting
Our experts monitor your systems both manually and otherwise. We believe in the power of effective communication and sharing detailed reports on time, so you get to know the progress in detail.

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