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Does every software project need a quality assurance team?
Definitely, the quality assurance team helps identify weaknesses and inconsistencies in the product and help test the products on all stages of the software development lifecycle. Making them an integral part of the process.
Why should you go for a dedicated outsourced software testing company?
Outsourcing testing services can help you focus more on the product and its marketing. In a highly competitive market, one has to provide a very high quality of service to the users. Outsourcing the testing services to experts would help the business in providing the desired quality.
How do I know if migrating to cloud is right for my business?
Major benefits of cloud services help in terms of flexibility, scalability, technology landscape and cost savings especially related to the product’s infrastructure. If any of the current defined pillars are affecting the overall product’s performance then migrating to cloud is a good option.
What kind of cloud services does Calidad Infotech provide?
Cloud services are broken down into three broad categories: software-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service, and platform-as-a-service. We provide and focus on two major services that are SaaS consisting of software applications delivered over the Web, and PaaS that lets developers build and deploy Web applications on a hosted infrastructure.
What kind of benefits does an organization get with DevOps transformation?
The key benefits of moving to DevOps include improved agility in faster time-to-market, more collaboration and efficiency with different working departments, operational efficiency that helps to scale faster and in turn helping in cost savings.
What is the role of the QA team in continuous delivery?
The QA team helps in testing strategy in which the code passes through various layers of testing like unit test, automated test, QA test, User acceptance test, monitoring and regular feedback thus improving the overall process of the DevOps lifecycle.
So, What makes Calidad Infotech unique?
Most companies out there focus only on the technology and not the end product by indirectly ignoring what users actually want. Calidad infotech breaks or makes the rules that satisfy the end product first and focuses on creating dynamic processes and frameworks accordingly.
How does Calidad Infotech provide customer service on a global basis?
We’re always available to address the needs of their customers. Office hours are not always 8-5 and for all our accounts, we conduct daily scrums ensuring the highest level of customer service for any software testing engagement.
How does Calidad Infotech on-board projects?
We take both In-house full scale dedicated team aligned projects as well as short-term to long-term contractual projects.
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