Manual Testing Services

Test the Real-World Usability and Performance of Your Product

Manual Testing That Helps You Deliver the Ultimate User Experience

Manual software testing reaches where automation cannot, giving you a detailed and deeper perspective on your automation systems.
Get your mobile applications, desktop software and everything in between tested for bugs and loopholes with our software manual testing services.
Step by step approach that involves analyzing requirements, creation of a test plan & test cases, their execution and logging defects before fixing any defects found
Gain a complete 360-degree overview of your process vulnerabilities and areas of improvement
Find and implement the best course of action that lets your software systems perform to the best of their abilities
Get the competitive edge over other businesses in the same business space

How We Perform Our Software Manual Testing Services

Our step-by-step approach.
calidad process
Requirement Analysis
Every business and its technology are unique. The first step in fixing issues and creating frameworks in understanding the model and detailed workings of your technologies.
Test Plan Creation
Based on the discussions with all stakeholders, we create a broad test plan that theoretically allows us to gain insights.
Test Case Creation
The first practical aspect of our manual testing services, test case creation lets our experts take a deep dive into the inner workings of your software and product, ultimately revealing the errors.
Defect Logging
All the errors and areas of opportunity found from test runs are compiled systematically into logs which later serve as repositories of information.
Defect Fixing and Reverification
Using the logs, our experts fix the problem areas, but we do not just stop here! The process is repeated to find any missed opportunities so you get a free-flowing mechanism from here on now.

Tools we utilise

Platforms we serve

Why Choose Calidad’s Manual Software Testing Services?

At Calidad, we work with professionals from all walks of the software and technology services industry. Our clients swear by the excellent results they get with our manual testing company.
Meticulous Testing
Manual testing goes deep and aids in finding what automated methods may still miss. This is one of the most powerful forms of quality assurance available today.
Works Everywhere
From API and systems testing to compatibility, software and compliance, manual testing can benefit your business in several areas.
Proven Process
Our step by step approach is complemented by the latest technological tools, software and trained employees which together gets you better results than you expect!
Great Track Record
We are a trusted manual QA testing services company with a strong client base and vast experience.

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