Mobile Application Testing Services

Ensure Speed & Precision for Your Mobile Applications

Mobile Application Testing for Delightful End-User Experience

Mobile applications need to be performing at their best to serve a large and ever-growing smartphone user base. Getting your applications systematically assessed through professional mobile application testing services is the stepping stone to success.
With Calidad, you can be certain of the performance of your mobile applications well within time and reduce your time-to-market significantly.
Our mobile application testing services help you:
Locate bugs and bottlenecks in your applications before they reach the market
Get customized solutions for your apps for all mobile platform types
Make sure the mobile apps are ready for the best end-user experience
Remove all obstacles hindering the smooth functioning of your mobile applications

How We Conduct Our Mobile Application Testing Services

Our step-by-step approach.
calidad process
The first phase of the process, planning includes setting objectives and orchestration of a custom strategy. Our detailed plans cover testing for display, compatibility, functionality and input.
Identifying Test-Types
Finding the right tests after careful consideration of various factors for the type of application to be tested. We use a lethal combination of industry-standard tools matched with custom code iterations to deliver unmatched results.
Designing Test Suites
After the initial analysis of strategy and the test type identification, appropriate test suites are designed to be deployed.
In the final phase of the mobile app automation testing, we execute the tests on several smartphones using multiple OS platforms. Tests are performed on multiple displays, cross-platform usability, target platform compatibility and multiple input options.

Tools we utilise

Platforms we serve

Why Choose Calidad As Your Mobile App Testing Services Company?

Calidad is a trusted name in quality assessment, automation checks and mobile app testing. With a dedicated team of highly skilled experts and decades of experience in the field, we have carved our name as one of the reliable mobile app testing companies in India.
Our application tests run not just on one, but all the major mobile operating systems and platforms. Not just that, we deploy the app tests on dozens of smartphones with different makes, models and manufacturers so there is no stone unturned.
The world-class tools we select are professionally used for R&D around the world. Our experts also intervene manually wherever needed to deliver impressive speed and minimum turnaround time.
We recommend and create optimizations for your application automation so none of the errors and hiccups we encounter can stop you from achieving your business goals!
We deploy build automation for rigorous testing so your apps perform flawlessly despite the upgrades or debugging.

Want to Launch Winning Applications That Perform Flawlessly?