Regression Testing Services

Make Your Applications Robust & Ready for Future Changes

Automated Regression Testing that Ensures Continuous Performance

Do you want to make sure your software platforms are not affected negatively by additional features? QA regression testing services make sure the removal of existing errors and the additional attributes leave a better impact on the overall user experience.
Getting regression testing done would remove any doubts that your software is in top shape before you roll it out.
Take your software products and applications to the ultimate levels of performance with our regression testing services!

How We Perform Our Regression Testing Services

Our step-by-step approach.
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Test Selection
Calculated selection of tests required to run regression analysis for your technologies.
Regression Automation
Software-powered automatic regression tests reveal errors hidden in the deepest corners quicker than you grab a cup of coffee!
Application Verification
A vital step to the automated regression testing services, this ensures that the functioning of applications is broken down into smaller steps with checkpoints.
Manage & Update
Manual supervision on top of the automation for the management and update of the regression tests.
Test Scheduling
On-time, regular and in-depth tests for regression analysis that log errors and defects in a timely fashion.
Integrate with the Build
The amalgamation of tests with your software applications so things perform in perfect unison.
Result Analysis
Our team of experts analyze the detailed logs for runtime errors and bottlenecks that prevent the optimum functioning of your software.

Tools we utilise

Platforms we serve

Why Choose Calidad’s Regression Testing Services Company?

When it comes to your dream projects and companies, you should settle for nothing but the best. Calidad is one of the leading regression testing companies of India and prides itself upon a long list of clients delighted by our services.
Rich Experience
We come from vast experience in the field of Quality Assurance for multiple platforms and application types. Our team of experts are certified and skilled with the latest in technology.
We plan our approach after detailed, one on one discussions with your requirements and tailor solutions accordingly.
Custom Solutions
Get the exact remedies for your problems, instead of a standard fix that may or may not work in the long run.

Want to leverage the benefits of regression testing for your applications?