Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Testing Services

Push Your Process Automations to the Next Level

RPA Testing That Gets You the Most Out of Intelligent Automation

Gone are the days of manual processes. Robotic scripts have taken over not just mundane backend tasks but front-end systems like chat too.
Businesses that are leveraging these technologies are ushering into a new era while those who do not, continue to suffer from bleeding revenue. Robotic Process Automation or RPA implementations are being heavily adopted by organizations worldwide to improve business efficiency and save costs. But how do you ensure that these applications are functioning exactly the way you want?
Robotic process automation testing is the answer. With RPA testing, you put your business processes at the forefront.
Attain confidence in your RPA installation and make better business decisions
Stop revenue leakage by automating processes that otherwise take manual intervention
Benefit from lower maintenance costs and efforts

How We Perform Our Proven RPA Testing Services

With a thorough, step by step process, we make sure your automation is in top shape. Our RPA testing services comprises of:
calidad process
Comprehensive checks of your process backend, frontend and inter-system operability before devising a custom strategy.
Our experts tailor process-specific RPA testing solutions using advanced tools like Apache JMeter.
Rigorous test runs on all metrics and parameters that gauge process automation on multiple platforms.
We do not abandon you after successful tests! Our support team continues to monitor your RPA codes and troubleshoots when errors show up.

Tools we utilise

Platforms we serve

Why Calidad’s RPA Quality Assurance Services?

We are not a run-of-the-mill programming and QA services provider, but a trusted name in the industry. Our long list of happy clients attests to the fact that we are a trusted RPA testing company in India.
Ultimate Quality
Our robotic process automation testing is cost-effective, accurate and promises great ROI in the long run.
Latest Tech
We work with an experienced set of engineers who are regularly upskilled on the latest software technologies.
Complete Transparency
Reports, error logs and other data from your tests are shared consistently with you, along with the recommendations of best solutions for the problems encountered.

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