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Immaculate & Intuitive Salesforce Testing Services

If rightly integrated into your IT systems, Salesforce can elevate your business to unimaginable heights and get you massive revenue savings. With its ease of usage and a host of features, no wonder it has become one of the most popular CRM solutions available out there.
Our Salesforce testing services make sure your customizations are working in harmony with all applications and get you on top of your game!
Automation testing for salesforce applications lets you:
Replace arduous installations and get the Salesforce edge
Achieve better speed and reliability without compromising performance
Create unlimited customizations suited for your business

The Battle-Tested Process of Our Salesforce Testing Solutions

With a thorough, step by step process, we make sure your automation is in top shape. Our RPA testing services comprises of:
calidad process
Professionals at our Salesforce testing company analyze your systems and reach the root cause of problems from the front end to the back.
Rigorous user acceptance testing to gather feedback that gets implemented in the roadmap to future success.
We select the appropriate tools to systemize the process of gathering and analyzing feedback data.
Designing and running tasks that get to the core of Salesforce systems integration and reveal problems.
Retrieving collected data from several data points and measuring systems performance before making recommendations.

Tools we utilise

Platforms we serve

Why Calidad’s Automation Testing for Salesforce Applications?

Just as Salesforce is a trusted tool for process automation and interoperability, Calidad is a trusted Salesforce testing company in India! We pride ourselves on delivering high standards of quality assessment and software testing.
With us, you do not have to worry about the variations in platforms, tools and everything in between. Our salesforce test automation services utilize state-of-the-art testing tools and scan your automation for every available platform.
Reasonable Pricing
After a thorough discussion and cost analysis, we design a customized strategy that processes very cost-effective for small and large businesses alike.
Unmatched Value
We believe in building long-term client relationships and this is why deliver more value than you can imagine.

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