Performance and Load Testing Services

Test the True Performance of Your Application Under High Load & Peak Demand

Performance & Load Testing That Delivers Reliable Applications

Applications today go through gruelling loads of user interaction, backend processing and data exchanges. Are you sure your business applications have what it takes to provide the user with a great experience?
With Calidad’s performance testing services, you do not have to guess. Get expert analysis and results that establish the market readiness of your software applications well within time.
Achieve impressive response time
Prevent application crashes
Garner better reviews from users and clients
Generate confidence in the minds of stakeholders and investors

How We Conduct Our Performance Automation Testing Process

Our step-by-step approach.
calidad process
Environment Identification
We run simulations and coding calculations to decide on the best testing environments for your software applications.
Performance Metrics
Each business process and workflow is unique and hence, performance metrics can not be standard. We find out the most suitable ones for your business model.
Performance Testing
Software performance and load testing are contingent upon the right planning and design of performance tests. Our experts make sure that these are exactly as required.
The right test environments are configured to yield in-depth results for each specific scenario.
Execution, Analysis and Retesting
After executing the tests, we run them through AI models and manual analysis to understand the pain areas. After necessary adjustments, retesting is done to ensure the same bugs do not show up.

Tools we utilise

Platforms we serve

Why Trust Our Performance Load Testing?

We do not just promise great results but deliver them well within time and beyond your expectations. With a lethal combination of trained staff, professional tools and a relentless approach, we have become the reliable performance testing company in India.
We do not rely on the run-of-the-mill methods that have long become outdated but use the latest technology and professional tools to get outstanding results.
With a long and rich experience spanning decades, we have a high degree of intuition when it comes to quality analysis and performance testing.
Our results speak for themselves! Over our entire professional career, we have served hundreds of domestic and international clients, all of which vouch for our service quality.

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